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Carib Shack Product "Sea" How Moss is Good for You!

By Sarena Akhter


Hello Foodies, For this sponsor, we want to turn the gears and highlight a specific item that the business will be selling, especially because it's something we recommend you pack your shelves with ASAP! The restaurant, Carib Shack, has an incredible history we've already mentioned before. To make sure they're staying afloat among all the other family-owned businesses, owner Patricia Lewis is always "cooking" up new ideas for customers.

Sea Moss at Carib Shack (Paste)

Lewis has shipped some organic sea moss, or known as Irish moss, from overseas right into the heart of London to make a delicious and healthy paste that is sold upfront at their store. The owner thoroughly cleans, processes, and cooks the paste for you to put into any of your dishes as a "super" flavor. You're wondering now, what is sea moss? Well, it's a type of seaweed found in the sea that hosts a multitude of beneficial nutrients. As recommended by Lewis, she loves to add this paste to thicken her stews and soups.

Benefits of Sea Moss

"Did you know that sea moss is basically a super food that holds 92 minerals [out of the 102 essential minerals] needed in our body?"

The listed and scientifically proven facts of sea moss seem endless, so let's summarize some of our largest benefits.

  1. Sea moss supports skin and hair health.

  2. Increases immunity and helps to recover from illnesses (COVID-19 who?)*

  3. Fights anemia (rich in iron).

  4. Excellent for joints and bone health.

  5. Reduces inflammation in the body.

  6. Decreases mucus production.

  7. Boosts thyroid function.

  8. Helps with protection from radiation.

  9. Great for gut and respiratory health.

In general, the product is definitely a superfood! As Lewis states, it basically holds 92 minerals [out of the 102 essential minerals] needed in our body!

What are you waiting for? Go grab a jar as soon as you can! We all need the healthy 2021 summer vibes.

Other Menu Items While You're There

Of course, Patricia always makes sure we never leave on an empty (or unsatisfied) stomach.

We were also delighted to try two of their popular dishes, Ox Tail with rice and a braised chicken cooked as a side before we left. Both the meats were cooked perfectly and were packed with flavour!

Ox Tail with Rice

Chicken Appetizer

Go grab from Carib Shack today!

No need to think too hard. We know how important it is for us to think of our healthy eating habits and recognizing what is great for us, so make sure to grab a jar (or three, after this pandemic ends) and some great, hot food while you're at it.

Additional Info:

The location is only doing take-out right now*, their hours of operation are:

• Monday to Thursday: 12PM-8PM

• Friday to Saturday: 12PM-10PM

• Sunday: CLOSED

The restaurant is located at 205 Oxford St E Unit 107, London, ON N6A 5G6 for pick up, or you can order for delivery from their UberEats or Skip the Dishes!

Once again, thank you for having us!


*Disclaimer: Hours of operation and dine-in are subject to change. While London transitions into Stage 2, please make sure to stay safe and healthy and support your local restaurants in the way you believe is most safe for you.*

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