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Competing to be the RaMAN of the Hour: Ramen Eating Competition

On November 19, 2019, Western Foodies hosted its second annual Ramen Eating Competition. Our members went head-to-head in 3 categories: speed, quantity, and spice. With dramatic music playing and a taunting timer that seemed to speed by way too quickly, members were ready to show their eating skills and devour some delicious (but not too healthy) instant ramen.

To avoid previous issues we had had with insufficient noodles cooked at a time, we opted for heats of 4-6 competitors at a time. In the speed category, contestants attempted to shovel as much of the steamy, hot ramen down their throats as they could. Eric set the record of 32 seconds.

With the spice category, members had to finish a bowl of spicy ramen noodles as quickly as they could. Congrats to Glen for finishing the spicy ramen in 30 seconds! Apparently, our spicy ramen wasn’t spicy enough for some competitors, as some members thought that it tasted kind of cheesy.

And lastly, in quantity, we gave members 3.5 minutes to eat as many cups of ramen noodles. The record was 3 cups, which was achieved by Bonnie in the second heat. With plenty of delicious ramen left over, all event attendees had the opportunity to eat more ramen if they wanted, and hang out a bit before the food comas set in.

All of our winners received Chatime Vouchers for their impressive ramen eating skills. Do you think you can beat our records for this year? Start training now for our Third Annual Ramen eating competition which will be held next year!

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