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PalaSAD to leave the Social Bowl

Hey Foodies!

This past week, our Foodies took on their first social event of the year at Palasad Social Bowl, and it was honestly such a fun experience - it bowled me over. When you walk in, there is a large bowling pin off to the right, which makes for the perfect picture spot. As you walk deeper into the venue, you are instantly captivated by the lights, the music, and the wide assortment of arcade games. Everywhere you turn, you would be able to find a cute place to take that new Instagram picture you’ve been dying to post (as we did).

#aesthetics all around

We started off the night with a few slices of pizza. Let me tell you... If you are looking for pizza with some good cheese pulls, this is the place to be; it’s nothing like the greasy pizza you would expect at a bowling alley. Following the pizza, we really started to bowl. The bowling really brought back childhood memories of when bowling was the activity to do and the place to have your birthday party. Although very nostalgic, it really helped alleviate all that stress from school and all the upcoming midterms.

Everyone wanted a pizz-a this pie (it was gone immediately!)

A few of us also had the chance to play with the arcade games. The arcade games were probably the highlight of the night, especially the Pac Man machine. I definitely did not know they still made those kinds of machines, and the aggressive beeping it made was jarring, but in a charming way. We went through those credits way too quickly though!

Overall, Palasad Social Bowl was overall such an amazing place to visit. It was cute, had yummy food and is just such a fun time with any group of people. If any of you guys get the chance, I would definitely not pass up the opportunity for a good Instagram photo and a good night of bowling.

Foodies fam at Palasad

Stay tuned for more fun socials and events this year, and stay hungry, Foodies!

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