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Wink's Eatery: Food You Can't Sleep On

By: Sarena Akhter


Hello Foodies, With Stage 1 finally lifting some restrictions to the dining scene, we are excited to share some of our patio favorites with you this summer to check out. Among our many sponsor visits, we were able to dine at one of my favourite American grill fare restaurants—Wink's Eatery!

Wink's Eatery

Wink's Eatery is an American grill fare restaurant opened in 2006 by Adam Winkler and his father, Dennis Winkler. Aside from their amazing last names as a tribute to the store, this unique casual dining pub-style restaurant appeals to all ages with its expansive menu and creative discounts on their dishes.

Having had the pleasure of being able to meet Adam Winkler during our visit, it was clear that he clearly loved his business, as reflected in the customer service and care of his food and restaurant.

Tuesday Special: Veggie Nachos

In addition to their great menu, Wink's also offers great discounts on certain menu items depending on the day of the week. As we had decided to visit on a Tuesday, we were able to cash in on the Vegetarian Nacho special, where the price is half-off. As someone who loves sauce and plenty of cheese, we were pleasantly satisfied with the nachos themselves. They were brought out to us warm, crispy, and with enough to fill our stomachs and more! This dish can easily be an appetizer to fill around 4-5 people.

Sharable Platter

Let's break this giant plate here down. With a huge assortment of items, this was a marvelous invention for those who might have no appetite for a huge meal or would rather share with their dining partner (or all for yourself, we're not judging). The Shareable Platter includes 1/2 pound of boneless wings, onion rings, mozzarella fingers, fried pickles, jalapeño poppers, and sweet potato fries and sauce. This hefty investment was gorgeous to look at and tasty as well! A certified Western Foodies recommended item, for sure.

Check out Wink's amazing Patio!

We were lucky to have both a patio experience and a restaurant (the weather became chilly), and both were operated cleanly and efficiently. There is plenty of space for you to be socially distanced from others, and the large patio made it feel less claustrophobic than normal patio scenes crammed with a bunch of people.

Additional Info:

The location does have a patio and their hours of operation are:

• Monday to Thursday: 11AM-2AM

• Saturday to Sunday: 9AM-2AM

The restaurant is located at 551 Richmond St #12, London, ON N6A 3E9 for pick up or patio dining, or you can order for delivery from their UberEats, DoorDash, or Skip the Dishes!

Once again, thank you for having us!


*Disclaimer: Hours of operation and dine-in are subject to change. While London transitions into Stage 2, please make sure to stay safe and healthy and support your local restaurants in the way you believe is most safe for you.*

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