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Western Foodies

Western Foodies is here to bring food lovers together in a social environment. We will cook, bake, learn, and of course, eat!

Throughout the year, we host events such as restaurant visits, socials, volunteering events, eating competitions, cooking classes, and food giveaways. We also have discount cards where you can save money at some of London's finest cuisine.

Welcome to the tastiest club on campus!

Meet The Team!


Elizabeth Yeung



Year and Program: 4th Year, MOS - Consumer Behaviour


Bubble Tea Order: Hot Pearl Milk Tea

Advice to your first-year self? Don't be scared to put yourself out there! Even though it may be scary, you will meet so many amazing people if you step out of your comfort zone.


Jason Macleod

VP Finance

Year and Program: 3rd Year, Ivey HBA

Favourite Restaurant in London: Chipotle

Would you rather own a dragon or be a dragon? Be a dragon, I want to be able to fly!


Elaine Yin

Director of Internal Events

Year and Program: 2nd Year, Consumer Behaviour


Bubble Tea Order: Pearl Milk Tea

Is a hot dog a sandwich? A hot dog is a sandwich because it's two pieces of bread with filling in the middle.


Wendy Hoang

Director of Sponsorship

Year and Program: 1st Year, BMOS


Spoke Order: everything bagel BLT

What are you most excited about for this year? To be a part of Foodies, to meet new people and eat LOTS of food!


Raluca Gondor



Year and Program: 3rd Year, Ivey HBA

Spoke Order: Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

Favourite Foodies Memory: Exec apple picking; it was qualiTREE team bonding times!


Wasan Haider

VP Sponsorship

Year and Program: 4th Year, Biology and English Lit


Bubble Tea Order: Lychee Black Tea with Tapioca

Favourite Foodies memory/event? Definitely the first Ramen Challenge. That was iconic.


Shiyao Li

Director of Operations

Year and Program: 2nd Year, BMOS



Bubble Tea Order: Jasmine Green Milk Tea (Boba)

Advice to your first-year self? Always take a chance because you never know what positive things can happen!

sarena headshot.jpg

Sarena Akhter


VP Communications

Year and Program: 2nd Year, MIT and Digital Comm


Favourite Restaurant in London: Happiness Cafe

What made you join Foodies? I LOVE how food brings people together. It's something every first year can relate to, and as a foodie myself, it's the best art medium (& it's delicious)


Adrian Gutierrez

VP Events

Year and Program: 4th Year, Nursing

Bubble Tea Order: Hot Roasted Milk Tea

If you could turn the ocean into a liquid other than h2o, which one would you pick? Masala Chai :D


Mylan Nguyen

Director of Communications

Year and Program: 1st Year, BMOS


Bubble Tea Order: Passionfruit Green Tea with QQ

If you could only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Noodles! In soup, stir fry, instant or on their own, any noodle dish is my go-to


Jasmine Kwan

Director of Internal Events

Year and Program: 4th Year, Human Resources


Favourite Restaurant in London: Potato Noodles

Favourite Foodies Memory: Last year's pumpkin carving because

I met a lot of amazing people and I love how creative everyone's

designs were!

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