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Western Fair Market: For the Picky Eaters!

By: Sarena Akhter Hello Foodies! We are going to be rolling out a bunch of our sponsors out soon, just so you can get the best understanding of how to get take-out (or at the very least, figure out what you'd like to eat) and support local! We do want to iterate that because we are currently in lockdown, please know your support for these businesses can go a long way (and if you have the privilege of ordering directly from them, even better!).

Of course, we also hope that even if you aren't able to eat out, please follow and like/comment on their social medias! I know firsthand how much a kind message and exposure can go for these small businesses.

Now, for tonight we want to highlight one of the best foodie spots in London—The Western Fair District's Market!

Western Fair District, 900 King St, London, ON N5W 2X6

The Western Fair Market is located at 900 King St ADDRESS, and it houses a large collection of small vendors and their amazing and fresh foods! The market is only open on weekends from a set amount of hours, so be sure to double check you go on time (and go early, since some of your favourites might not be available otherwise!).



While I was only able to get the Piri Piri Fries today, I'm so happy I did! These fries were perfectly cooked, and had a healthy (read: lots) of chicken to be filling. With the piri piri sauce to top it all off, these fries were a perfect takeaway from the market. I will likely be doing a follow-up post soon on their amazing Bifana combo as soon as I can.


CRAB DIP (*must be baked!)

Super popular for a reason; not only was it creamy, but there's SO much packed in here (with the cheese to the crab) that you could eat this for more than just four servings. Don't be like me and eat it all at once (it was too good, okay). They also have instructions on how to bake it to perfection. I personally ate this dip with some baked Naan flatbread, but feel free to add this to your sandwiches, wraps, or any other confections—and if you do, make sure to tag us!


A jar of tarter sauce to make you get some seafood to try? Don't settle for a Filet-o-Fish, when you could make your own with fresh ingredients and a creamier, more flavourful sauce on your own! I also like dipping my chips with this sauce, so grab a bag of Vickie's and this tarter sauce to get your snack cravings out of the way.



With so many savoury dishes, let's talk about some desserts for those with a sweet tooth! Not only do they serve some of the best apple crumble I've had so far, but they coming in huge serving sizes! You can easily share with your family (unless you want it all for yourself, no judgement here).


Okay, hands down one of the best tarts I've ever had in my entire life—and they were baked that morning, fresh! I loved how creamy and thick these were, especially with the crunch of the sides being flawlessly scorched. Please, please get one of these! A favourite of mine has never let anyone down yet, and shouldn't with how great I know these tasted.


*takes cash only*


Listen: these are better than an actual burger. Not only is their beef fresh, they add some of the best sauces to work with the beef crumble. And the toast on that toast shows you they care about the right heat and texture to their sandwiches!


While I couldn't get a more in-focus shot of the cheese melting, this was one of my favourites! I loved how cheesy they made the grilled cheese, and the roast beef was perfect in making the sandwich come full circle, flavour wise.


This Popper was just the right amount of heat for someone who wants to try spicier without going overboard. With a side of chips, these are the best breakfast combos you could ever try! If you're wondering what the differences are between these sandwiches... everything! Mix and match your flavours to your taste. But when I tell you that you could easily get any of these amazing sandwiches to try and not be disappointed at all, I mean it.

Additional Info

The market WILL be open throughout the lockdown, so if you're thinking of trying to grab a quick bite, please help support your local restaurants!

The location is available for take-out and their hours of operation are:

• Saturday: 8 AM - 3 PM

• Sunday: 10 AM - 2 PM Remember that these sponsors take Western Foodies discounts at 10% off! Goodah also only takes cash, but the other vendors accept debit (and there is an ATM on site, but with a service fee).

The restaurant is located at 900 King St, London, ON N5W 2X6.


*Disclaimer: Hours of operation and dine-in are subject to change. While London transitions into Lockdown, please make sure to stay safe and healthy and support your local restaurants in the way you believe is most safe for you.*

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