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Build Your Own Pizza: What a Score (Pizza)!

By Sarena Akhter


Hello, Foodies! We know how much some of us are missing our buffet-style restaurants, so let me get you on one of my favourite pizzeria trends in London with exclusive "Build Your Own Pizza" privileges at Score Pizza.

With three easy steps, go get the pizza of your cravings.

Score Pizza

One of the best perks of being able to build your own pizza is that Score Pizza offers a buffet-style variety of cheeses, fresh veggies, and meats to put on your pizza. The best part is there are no limitations*—and we definitely took advantage of that during our visit! With gluten-free options available, Score Pizza also offers seasonal toppings if you're feeling you want some new flavours.

Score Pizza's Stone Oven

In addition, Score Pizza uses a gorgeous stone oven that makes the pizza crunchy and ready for service far quicker than a regular oven.

Now, there are three steps to ordering a pizza.

  1. Build your own pizza or choose one of their Signature Pizzas (set ingredients).

  2. Choose your toppings (all one price!).

  3. Wait for your stone-fired pizza to come out in minutes!


In Photo: 12" regular pizza with red spicy sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, grilled chicken, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, and pesto sauce.

We loved how the red sauce went all the way to the crust, and the pesto finish really cinched together all the flavours. The veggies were fresh and the servers were generous with the amount of cheese they put on.

They also recommend if you're sharing or planning on having a big dinner, to get their 12" as their 6" is equivalent to around one or two slices.


In Photo: 12" regular pizza with garlic cream sauce, bocconcini, grilled chicken, black olives, caramelized onions, and pesto sauce.

Personally, as someone who lives for cream sauce on pizza, the pizza hit all the marks. Perfectly cooked, the bocconcini (cheese) was a delightful add-on that we are going to go back for on our next order. While we should have chosen a less strong finishing than pesto (go for something sweeter), the pizza was gorgeous overall.

Bottomless Lemonade

We were lucky to also get a chance to drink their cold lemonade while we still had dine-in.

Want to know the best part? During dine-in, these drinks are bottomless! You can get as much as you want (and trust us, we probably did refill it around 3-4 times). Definitely a high recommend!

In addition to their pizzas, they also have a great variety of sandwiches, desserts, and salads that we will try to cover as soon as we can go back.

Score Pizza is a gem in London you should get when you're downtown for sure. We want to say thank you once again to Score Pizza for hosting us!

Additional Info

Please help support your local restaurants when you can! The restaurant is also on UberEats and SkipTheDishes should you wish to order for takeout online.

The location is available for take-out and their hours of operation are:

• Sunday-Thursday: 12PM-9PM

• Friday-Saturday: 12AM-10PM

The restaurant is located at 551 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3E9.


*Disclaimer: Hours of operation and dine-in are subject to change. While London in Lockdown, please make sure to stay safe and healthy and support your local restaurants in the way you believe is most safe for you.*

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