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EnTHAIrely Delicious: Tamarine by Quynh Nhi Review

Are you sick of always eating the same thing over and over again on campus? If you want to look for exciting new food that’s only a short trip away, check out Tamarine by Quynh Nhi in downtown London!

Tamarine by Quynh Nhi is the place to go for some great Asian food. This Vietnamese and Thai restaurant is located at 118 Dundas St, and it serves a number of traditional Asian dishes with a modern spin. They have a variety of dishes ranging from soups to curry to pad thai, which all taste delicious! They also have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options too!

Most dishes are pretty reasonably priced, and they taste and look great. If you don’t know what to get, try out their Pad Viet! It was quite filling and well-seasoned and the beef was also well-cooked and flavourful. The servings for some dishes may be a little small however, so if you’re really hungry, don't forget to order an appetizer!

Although the restaurant may not be the biggest, it has a nice, clean interior and it is usually not too loud or crowded, making it a great place to have casual meals at. It’s the perfect place to catch up with an old friend or if you’re just craving some delicious Asian food.

If you’re out downtown and are looking for something new to try, give Tamarine by Quynh Nhi a visit!

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