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The Green Window: Your Sign to Get a Boujee Salad

By: Sarena Akhter


Hello Foodies, If you needed a sign to start eating healthy, this blog post is going to be that nudge in the right direction. With boujee salads and tasty greens that we can't get enough of, our appreciation sponsor post for today is for The Green Window. The Green Window is a salad shop designed for helping its customers receive delicious, healthy meals even in a hurry. Their unique salad bowls and vegan and gluten-friendly desserts are exactly what we need more of in our community. Not sold just yet? We got you covered—with our own experience to hopefully sway your minds.

The Green Window

The Green Window was created by Western Alumni, Emily Cuddy, who thought of creating healthy fast food on the go after realizing how difficult it can be to find ready-made nutrious alternatives. During her third year, Cuddy became really interested in health and fuelling her body with quality foods. She specifically speaks about how she had changed her mother's diet to include only fresh, natural ingredients when her mother had been diagnosed with cancer. After watching how drastically her health changed, Cuddy began to follow the same diet principles and hasn't looked back since.

Soon after completing university and working at her corporate job, Cuddy soon realized how impossible it was to create healthy, fresh salads while on the go... and as a result, decided to create an establishment like that herself!

"As a Western Alumni, I understand how busy and stressful life can get, so it's important to have quick meal options available—as most fast food options are overly processed, [The Green Window] offers students quick and healthy options on the go!" said Cuddy.

The Bandera Bowl

One of the most popular bowls among students, the Bandera Bowl is an absolute must to get when you drop by The Green Window. This bowl includes grilled chicken, romaine, brown rice, black bean corn salsa (includes cilantro), red onions, tomatoes, mixed cheese, tortilla chips, and lime-cilantro dressing. It's both colorful and filling!

Brownie Bite

These gluten-free and vegan brownie bites have the same consistency as a regular brownie—soft, fudgy, and chewy! If you're hoping to get a treat in for your long day with your salad, we recommend pairing one of their plenty of dessert bites on your order.

Promotion This Week: $2 for Every Order!

Did you know that The Green Window turned 2 this year? To celebrate this milestone, the location will be taking off $2 for every order made this week. Make sure to hurry in and get this amazing deal as soon as you can! From the Foodies team, we want to say congratulations once again to the Green Window for two years of their amazing business!

Thank you for having us!

We are so grateful we were able to partner with The Green Window this year. From its comprehensive menu and care for healthy alternatives, we were grateful to have had the opportunity to share such an amazing sponsor with our students.

Additional Info:

The location is open and their hours of operation are:

• Monday to Saturday: 11AM-8PM

• Sunday: CLOSED

The restaurant is located at 201 Queens Avenue, London, Ontario N6A 1J1 for pick up and dine-in, or you can order for delivery (*promotion not accepted on delivery apps) from their UberEats or Skip the Dishes!

Once again, thank you for having us!


*Disclaimer: Hours of operation and dine-in are subject to change. While London transitions into Stage 3 please make sure to stay safe and healthy and support your local restaurants in the way you believe is most safe for you.*

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