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And that's a Wrap on the FoodFeed!

By: Mylan Nguyen


Happy May, Foodies! Even though school is over, I hope you all are enjoying the sunny spring weather and taking some time for yourself before the rush of exam season.

I am ecstatic to share some content from our club member Facebook group's FoodFeed Challenge. We asked members to post a picture with a description of what they have been eating. It could have been a homemade recipe, takeout from a local restaurant, a favourite snack, etc. The only rule: it had to be about food!

WARNING: the following pictures will make you hungry

Martin's Korean Inspired Rice Noodle Dish:

"I stir-fried some sliced red bell pepper, julienned carrot, and chopped mushrooms, followed by bean sprouts and diced cucumbers. Just eyeballed the portions.

For the sauce, I mixed a tablespoon of soy sauce, two tablespoons of rice vinegar, a tablespoon of sesame oil, a tablespoon of Sriracha sauce, and a tablespoon of sugar. Just experimenting here.

All this was mixed into some rice noodles and served into bowls and topped with an egg and leftover sliced pork roast, then garnished with chopped scallions."

- Martin

Raluca's Birthday Cheesecake:

"A belated birthday cheesecake courtesy of my friend who goes to school in the states. The skor caramel drizzle was so so good and birthday cake is always a classic too!"

- Raluca

Wendy's Mac n' Cheese:

"I got these at the candy store at Oshawa Cente!

8.7/10 it tastes just like the Cheetos. If it wasn’t so unhealthy I would eat it everyday TBH"

- Wendy

Elaine's Birria Tacos and Nachos:

"Just wanted to share my birria tacos and nachos! They were sooo good and really filling too, I'm currently in a food coma."

- Elaine

#FoodFeed 2021

I hope you enjoyed the food content, and let us know of other challenges you would like to see from us next year!

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@westernfoodies) for more details, updates, and events.

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