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January in Review!

By: Mylan Nguyen


Hey Foodies!

This past Thursday, January 21st, we had our first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the new year.

Kicking off the semester, our Foodies gathered over zoom for a fun night of speed friending and food trivia. With one of our co-prez's, Raluca, on aux, Raluca, we started off the evening with some major jams from BTS to 50cent. Here were some of our highlights...

Speed Friending (AGM)

We played a few rounds of speed friending, where members got to chat and share their food (sometimes questionable) opinions with a new friend. This was a great way to break the ice and have a chance to get to know other members.

For instance, one of our more popular prompts included a dispute over orange juice, and if you were the type of person to drink it with pulp or no pulp. (I, personally am on the team with no pulp, but I couldn't say the same for everyone.)

On to the main event—foodies played food trivia Kahoot with a $25 UberEats gift card up for grabs! Unlocking our competitive side, it was a tight race but club member Tia prevailed and won trivia night. This is definitely a game we encourage as an ice breaker on Zoom. In review, we're grateful for our amazing members for showing up to our events, especially because it can be so hard to feel like a club without you all there in-person. AGM aside, we also have a short review on the Snack Squad (and how that'll work in the future).

Short Tidbit on Last Week's Snack Squad

On January 29th (last Friday), we played some scribblio (drawing game) and got to know each other more for our first Snack Squad 2021. Snack Squad is designed as an open space for all members to gather virtually, and they have the choice to play games and make some new friends! If you have any recommendations for events, activities, or what theme you think we should focus on for Snack Squad, we gladly extend our DM's and email (or even here, as a comment on the blog post) for you to share your ideas. These events are designed FOR YOU, so we're more than happy to implement whatever you want to see.

There will be two themed Snack Squad events in February, so stay posted for more details on our socials.

Upcoming Events for Second Semester

If you missed our AGM, check out the exciting new activities listed above and follow our socials to get all the details!

Also, save our Google Calendar (dates to be added) to get a monthly review of what's happening and if you need to book a day off in advance.

We can't wait to see you at our next event!

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