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Exploring the Pasta-bilities!

By: Mylan Nguyen


Hey Foodies!

We're back again to recap some of our favourite events from February—and boy, were they all amazing!

Cook with Me featuring Elaine

Last week our Director of Internal Events, Elaine, hosted her second Cook with Me on Instagram live! We followed along to her recreating supermodel Gigi Hadid's viral tomato pasta. Check out some of the delicious pasta dishes below!

Members added their own twist utilizing what they had in their kitchen. For example, Exec Wasan added some chickpeas, I added some spinach, and GM Daisy used some special pasta shapes.

On the live, followers also got to ask Elaine questions in the chat. We chatted about bus2257, our reading week plans, our go-to Mcdonald's order, and updates about how our pasta dishes were going. The vibe was chill, and it almost felt as if we were cooking together in-person.

Message from Elaine

"The “Cook with Me” series was created to connect with foodies!" Elaine said. "Personally, I’m always looking for new recipes to try and I love turning to YouTube or TikTok for inspiration. Therefore, I thought it could be fun to show foodies my favourite recipes through an interactive cooking session on Instagram Live."

Elaine mentioned her favourite part about the series was seeing everyone’s recreations at home. "Also," she added, "I love hearing their opinions on the dish and chatting with everyone in the comments. I can't wait for our next Cook With Me and get to see everyone there!"

Her last comment was mentioning the next Cook With Me, on March 22nd from 6-8 EST! Follow the Western Foodies Instagram account for more details to come!

Snack Squad

On February 9th, Elizabeth and Jasmine hosted a Snack Squad event, Minute to Win it Edition! We played scriblio, guess that song and other minute to win it challenges. Raluca absolutely crushed it at "guess that song," Adrian showed off his drawing skills, and Wendy showed off her Saugeen dinner.

Snack Squad is a virtual environment for members to connect taking a break from school and have a fun time. Check the upcoming events calendar on our website to not miss the date for the next one.

If you have not already, make sure to join the Western Foodies Facebook Group! We send event reminders, have group challenges and is another opportunity for members to better connect. More information can be found here!

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