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Here for the Snacks!

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

By: Mylan Nguyen


Snack Squad Update

Did someone say snacks?

Well, you're in for a TREAT; all Foodie members are invited to Western Foodies Snack Squad Socials happening that occurs monthly on Fridays via Discord at 5 pm.

As we dive deeper into the semester with midterms and piling assignments, it is important to remember to set aside some time for yourself. Come out and join the Snack Squad as we chill out, enjoy delicious snacks and play games. Don't think you can stay full time? No worries, we're completely flexible. Remember, these socials are for you first!

Last week, we munched on chocolate covered pretzels, Miss Vickie's Salt and Vinegar chips and even a whole charcuterie board. We also played rounds of Among Us, Pictionary and got to know other students in Foodies. The event is open to all Foodies members!

Snack Squad Discord

Can't wait for just Friday's? Well, you're in luck! With the new discord set up (and in progress to be more fun), we're hoping to let you all have a platform to talk with other foodies (and debate over whether it's milk or cereal first, of course). Invite links are sent via email so check your inbox or spam to come to join! For those who have never used Discord before, it's a platform where you can live text and interact with other users without having to worry about the formality of an email. Appropriately used, Foodies are free to text whatever they want with each other! *note: all future Snack Squad socials will be held on Discord for convenience.

ASMR Reoccuring Event

Also, Western Foodies is hosting a monthly Guess that Food Challenge!

Participating is super easy. On our @westernfoodies Instagram page, two ASMR mystery noises (labelled Sound A and Sound B) will be released on the second Friday of the month. Each member has only one chance to share their guess for what each audio clip would be in the comments per the rules. The person who comments first with the right guess(es) (or has the closest guess) will be deemed the winner! You also receive a special prize courtesy of the club and the winner will be announced the following week.

Make sure to be following us on IG to be eligible and not miss this monthly challenge!

Check out this Month’s Sounds!

Can you guess correctly?

Sound A:

Sound B:

We are ecstatic to be hosting all these events with you all and even more pumped about hosting more in the future!

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