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Home Sweet (Gingerbread) Home: Gingerbread Decorating

With the holidays (and final exams) quickly approaching, Western Foodies held a holiday social to get their members in the festive spirit. On December 3, 2019, Foodies members gathered to build and decorate gingerbread houses, armed with gingerbread pieces, decorating icing, fondant, pinwheels, candy beads, candy jellies, and sprinkles.

With the vast resources provided, there were endless possibilities of houses to make. Some houses had a lot of icicles hanging as if they had just survived a large snowstorm. One house also used the fondant to create a slug for the gingerbread man to ride on top of the roof. While building their houses, Foodies also warmed up and enjoyed cups of hot chocolate and green tea.

To inspire more of the holiday spirit, the movie “Frozen” was also played in the background. When the song “Let It Go” came on during the movie, our Foodies all joined together to sing this well-known song.

Besides decorating gingerbread houses, there was also a guessing game where those who attended the event guessed the amount of jelly beans that were in a jar. The top 3 guesses closest to the actual amount of jelly beans received a Chatime voucher as a prize. There were 167 jelly beans in the jar, and the closest guess was 165 jelly beans.

Although some houses were not as sturdy and ended up collapsing, the event was spread with holiday joy and everyone had a fun time making them. Our Gingerbread, Decorating and Chill event came to an end with Foodies munching on their houses and having a good laugh.

Western Foodies wishes you the best of luck on exams, and that you all have an amazing holiday season!

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