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Spicin' it up at Ozen Korea: Exec Social

On November 24th, 2019, your favorite Western Foodies execs gathered to do what they do best, eat! The wonderful location in question was none other than London’s own Ozen Korea. Our Ozen executive dinner marks the team’s second social gathering of the year, but more importantly, our first ever meal together!

With schedules freeing up and attendance nearly tripling that of the last executive get-together, its fair to say that we were in for a night of great spirits and good food. And how right we were! With the use of a single booth, tables, several chairs, and our wits, the execs found a way to squeeze everyone together into one big kimchi-eating mob and we enjoyed every minute of it.

If you have never been to Ozen Korea before and are considering a visit, I have one suggestion for you: go! Ozen Korea is one of the best places in London to get freshly cooked and authentic Korean cuisine with bubble tea shops and specialty grocery stores just a short walk away. Ozen Korea is a very casual type of restaurant with a menu including everything from special soups and appetizers to huge sharable entrees and even unique Korean alcoholic beverages like Soju and Makgeolli. With its considerably low prices and generous portion sizes, it's no surprise that Ozen Korea proves to be a favorite among students and local Londoners! To make your visit even sweeter, Foodie card holders can save even more with the card’s discount to the restaurant.

The dinner proved to be a huge success for both team morale and even allowed many of our team members to dabble in Korean cuisine for the first time. Those who had never tried Korean cuisine before thoroughly enjoyed their meal with several mentioning that they would absolutely come back. Once the many helpings of free sides were destroyed and our meals were taken care of, our Foodies president, Alexa Pravong, ended the night by treating the team to bubble tea at London Chatime (which conveniently was next to Ozen Korea!).

Dinner at Ozen Korea was a blast and I will be looking forward to the next time the team gets together!

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